Caravan Weight Control



You know the situation: you are preparing for a long trip with your caravan and you store all the necessary things in it: two gas bottles, water in the tank, an awning or a blind, the luggage for all the family members and perhaps even a crate with beverages for the road. Apart from this you may have equipped your caravan with some extras, such as a 12V battery together with a caravan mover. Honestly: are you really sure that the maximum total weight is not exceeded?

The REICH Caravan Weight Control scale is compact and fits into nearly every glove compartment. It works reliable and precisely and is very suitable for cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans and trailers.

As you can check the single wheel loads, you are able to avoid dangerous and unbalanced loading, by which the driving safety is as negatively influenced as by overloading.

The handling of the CWC is very simple. Switch on the scale and with the menu button choose the right program: vehicle or trailer (one axle or tandem axle and motorhomes). The display shows symbols for the chosen vehicle type. Then simply place the scale in front of or behind the wheel indicated on the disply and drive over the scale as slowly as possible. You can then read the wheel load of the wheel in question. By pressing the menu button, the next wheel is indicated. Please wheel by wheel repeat the procedure as described above. Now you know the single wheel loads. After that press the TOTAL button and the total weight of the vehicle will be indicated.

If you wish to know the load at the jockey wheel, you do not need to drive over the scale. Just place the jockey wheel onto the scale. By the way: the load of the jockey wheel or the shaft load substantially determines the travalling behavior of your car and trailer. Too much or not enough, both can have serious consequences, not only in difficult situations.

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